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The Persistence of Resistance

Let's Keep It 100% Real. Sustainable hope and change never really came. Despite President Obama's best, worst and sometimes lame efforts, in partnership with a calcified Congress, the fix was in and setting deeper. No political party in the United States has ever produced any lasting unity or effective plan to fight against entrenched social and economic division. President Washington knew this before day one. Not so much has really changed in our short 241 years. We still have much to learn and do.

Most of Today's Democrats have transformed into pretentious reactive whiners against rabid unrepentant Republican parasites. Politicized fringes have expanded or morphed into a gauntlet of assorted left and right wing knuckleheads that are delusional and out of touch with the daily socioeconomic despair of a rising population of diverse Americans.

Regular Everyday People for the last 40-plus years have held out hope for the real change that never seems to come, even when voting. We convulse from a daily diet of infotainment styled profit-based broadcast news masquerading as informative journalism. Damn near brain dead dumbness has been normalized in order to escape the daily realities of living in America. Our cocktail of distractions and drugs still don't seem to numb us enough. It is now normal to exist under the leadership of so-called public servants engaging in the politricks of politics as they live large and legislate on our hard earned taxpayers dollars. This is our very own 21st century self-inflicted version of "taxation without representation."

Since the 2017 Inauguration of a dangerous socially handicapped neofascist narcissist as our 45th President, and his ludicrous legion of fast-talking frauds, we have birthed the monster we only imagined in our nightmares. Don't be fooled, distracted or deflected. Many signs are clear, and very big. We are socially, economically and politically in a retrograde era. Yet, despite the nightmare, we can awake and succeed.

The Most Powerful Tools and tactics in the limitless arsenal of everyday people — free citizens of a capitalist democracy — are our votes and money, the core of America's central nervous system since 1776. This has always been the case, despite us allowing ourselves to be electorally bamboozled into using them to empower numerous entities from rogue policy makers in or near the White House, to the uncaring profiteers on Wall Street and at the mall. Unless the day comes when we are forced at gunpoint to vote a certain way, or under some threat to shop until we drop, the real power is still in our hands and wallets.

When the Decision Is Made to live a truly free existence by the persistence of resistance, only then we will have a life in America that authentically allows us to enjoy the pursuit of happiness. For now, resist what exists. No doubt, it will in fact beat the alternative.

Published 7 February 2017 — Dennis Moore, POTUSworld Publisher

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An Honest Reckoning of the Obama Era

"We are the change that we seek," proclaimed Barack Hussein Obama long before his first day on the job as the 44th President of the United States. With a new level of a dysfunctional and delusional Congress waiting, including some of its key Republican members cocked and anxious to disrupt this POTUS by any means necessary, it's amazing this President could achieve much at all.

Having Been Handed a Hot Dripping Bag of manure filled with several costly protracted wars, runaway financial industry malfeasance, do-nothing public officials on the public dole, and the ever widening socioeconomic gaps between the super-haves and the rest of us. Even an imaginary 'Magical Negro' might not have survived through one office term. Nevertheless, it must be emphasized for history that Obama's survival to be elected to a second full Presidential term — minus the usual sleazy political or personal scandals — is both historic and magical given the gauntlet of vipers in both major parties.

The Beat Goes On. Unless a major natural disaster occurs, or an extinction level meteor hits earth, most of us will continue to be clueless and divided about our greater commonality, truly looking after one another, and protecting our common public interests far beyond any election day. Divided we stand. So let's keep it 100% real, "We the people" on many levels, for the most part, we left Obama hanging and twisting. Rather than continuing to be relentless and vigilant post-election activists and guarantors of own democracy and taxpayer funded government, we relinquished our authority and efforts to the knucklehead factions of American politics and politricks. Yeah, let Obama do it — our job is done on election day. Some won't admit it, but we became contented rowers on a sinking boat.

Going District by District, county by county, city by city, state by state, and in every crevice of federal government, we have the accountability and governance we allow. Name any major issue you cared about the most, if Obama didn't fix it it's only because we laid back in a pretentious post-racial haze, endless pop culture distractions, and our usual let Washington do it mentality. We the people will always have the dysfunction, delays and injustice we allow — this is what every one of our hard earned taxpayer dimes and dollars pay for everyday. We truly are, and always have been, the change we seek. In other words relentless vigilance and voter/taxpayer activism is the only real guarantee that protects our democracy, and insures the genuine justice we all deserve and finance.

As For the 2016 Presidential Election, and all the local elections in-between, start reading from the top once again. I'm hoping we don't continue as a nation of moral and political cowards, as former US Attorney General Eric Holder alluded in this decade's most clear keep-it-real speech. Read all the signs and trends. More than ever before, they are truly and horrifyingly big. Putting it another way, as historian and documentary filmmaker Ken Burns insightfully observed, America again is historically "in a retrograde moment."

Published 10 February 2016 — Dennis Moore, POTUSworld Publisher

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